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Interim Player Registration Platform Goe ...

Interim Player Registration Platform Goes Live


Thursday, 10 September 2020


To all clubs


Over the course of the last month, the BBDFL has received countless emails, messages and phone calls about FA WGS. We have volunteers in our league’s and member clubs spending considerable time in virtual waiting queue’s to access WGS for player registration which is made mandatory by the FA.


It is clear, that the WGS system issues will not be resolved in time for the season start.


We tasked the charities IT team at the beginning of the week with finding an adequate solution which we could roll out quickly.


Today we can announce, the launch and availability of an interim “BBDFL Player Registration Platform

Coaches can now register the players that they are currently unable to do on WGS

Full teams should be registered, not partial teams

Teams must be affiliated and registered with the BBDFL in advance

We require:

o   Name

o   Gender

o   Date of birth

o   A photo ready to be uploaded

o   Confirmation that identification documents have been seen and verified by the coach or the club welfare officer


 Once complete a team sheet will be generated in PDF form which can be printed and presented at your games.

It must be noted that currently this is an interim measure to support teams and get them playing for the start of the season and does not replace the WGS.

Coaches will still be required to complete their WGS registration within 30 days.

In addition, we would extend the use of this platform, to any other league in the UK, who is experiencing similar challenges and requires help.

We of course would also be happy to assist the FA!


The Trustees