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LFA and Bolton Council Update 8th Sept

LFA and Bolton Council Update 8th Sept

For those that this applies to please see the below re Bolton.



The LFA have had a lengthy conversation with Bolton Council which is summarised below:


  1. The best place to get the most up to date guidance is to continue to monitor the council's website.
  2. Currently, football can take place, but clubs must follow the FA guidance in full.
  3. No council changing rooms will be open.
  4. There is going to be a review today to look at the numbers of cases in Bolton which may change the council's position, again review the website.
  5. The council are stressing that parents and spectators must adhere to social distancing on the sidelines as this is one of their significant concerns
  6. The council are continuing to monitor the situation and will remain in contact with Lancashire FA moving forwards.