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Notice of Bolton Bury & District Football League AGM - 7th September 2020 @ 7.30pm

Pursuant to league rules notice is hereby given that the Bolton Bury & District Football League AGM will be held at 7.30pm on Monday 7th September 2020 by way of online video conference details of which will be provided 72 hours prior to the video conference.

Notice of the AGM containing details of matters for consideration is available here - https://bbdfl.org/uploads/docs/BBDFL-Notice-Of-AGM-Sept2020-FINAL.pdf

An unedited Version of SCOR is available here - https://bbdfl.org/uploads/docs/SCOR2020-21-FINAL-CLEAN.pdf

An unedited version of SCORY is available here - https://bbdfl.org/uploads/docs/SCORY2020-21-FINAL-CLEAN.pdf

Proposed Minutes of the BBDFL 2019 AGM is available here - https://bbdfl.org/uploads/docs/Proposed-2019-BBDFL-AGM-Minutes.pdf

2020 Draft Balance Sheet available Here

2020 Draft Profit & Loss available Here

All members clubs will receive a link to vote on matters relating to the AGM as outlined in the Notice of AGM. This link will be sent to the club secretary email address registered in the BBDFL Registration Platform.

Any comments should be sent to trustees@bbdfl.org with the League Secretary in copy at leaguesecretary@bbdfl.org