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BBDFL 2020 season postponed indefinitely ...

BBDFL 2020 season postponed indefinitely

Dear Members,


The BBDFL has reviewed the advice and guidance from the Government which in summary outlines the following:


We must avoid all unnecessary social contact and those who can work from home must work from home.


People who are the most vulnerable must avoid social contact for 12 weeks in a period of shielding. 


We must move away from mass gatherings which must now be avoided.


The advice is now far more than just washing your hands as we now must avoid all non-essential social contact with those who are the most vulnerable who must soon be in self-isolation (shield) for up to 12 weeks 


Emergency services will stop responding to mass gatherings and it is advised that mass gatherings are now stopped and avoided.


Government are trying to delay the transmission and trying to keep people safe.


If one person gets the symptoms the whole household must stay isolated for 14 days. 


Government is recommending increased social distancing unnecessary travelling must be stopped and gatherings big or small must be stopped in order to reduce social contacts 


We are also in contact with the Lancashire FA who have been extremely supportive in this challenging time 


As a result of all the above and in order to ensure that we protect the most vulnerable in society the BBDFL has made the decision to postpone the 2020 season indefinatley 


Please do not bombard the league volunteers with questions about the future as currently we do not have the answers but will keep you updated


Many Thanks