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BBDFL Update regards the CoronaVirus 13t ...

BBDFL Update regards the CoronaVirus 13th March 2020

Dear Members,

The BBDFL has reviewed the advice and guidance from the LFA today and that which was issued yesterday by the governments Chief Medical Officer and have decided not to postpone any games currently, however should an individual team or club feel it’s necessary to cancel their game or games then this would be supported by the league.


This decision has been taken due to the scientific advice that states that only people who display symptoms should self isolate initially for 7 days but if the symptoms continue 14 days. The advice also outlines that the virus will not peak for a number of weeks and cancelling outdoor activities now will have little or no affect at this time.


In addition the advice is to not close schools, colleges, universities, supermarkets, shopping centres, public transport or businesses where great numbers of people are in confined spaces and in close proximity which would seem to be a logical first step prior to cancelling a childs football game.

This advice may change later as the virus peaks, but we see no reason why we should blanket postpone at this time and this will be under constant review

Many Thanks