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The Lancashire FA have posted the below advice at (which is replicated below for ease) :


With the increasing cases of coronavirus globally and in the UK, the government has moved our threat level from low to moderate.

What is coronavirus?

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is a type of coronavirus that can cause a range of symptoms but can also lead to severe chest infections/pneumonias. In older adults, those with weakened immune systems and those with cancer, diabetes and Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) the risk of having severe symptoms is much higher.

What are the signs and symptoms?

The symptoms include cough, shortness of breath and a high temperature. Given these are common symptoms with other illness, this makes identifying coronavirus difficult.

How do we reduce the spread?

More information on high risk countries can be found from the button below.


If an individual suspects coronavirus what should be done?

If an individual suspect that they may have coronavirus, they should avoid going to hospital or a clinic to avoid possible spread. They should self-isolate for 14 days. If you need to self-isolate then click the button below for further advice.

They should also contact 111 to discuss their concerns and to ensure that appropriate testing can be carried out if required.


What should you as a club/organisation do?

What is Lancashire FA’s stance right now?

Based on current advice Lancashire FA is providing the same guidance the NHS is providing as outlined, however we are aware that some players, coaches, clubs and parents will be concerned about unesscary contact  and guidance on the pre/post-match handshakes in order to control the spread of Coronavirus

The LFA is following Government advice which at the time of writing, does not offer any advice to say that we should not be shaking hands, but highlights and emphasises the need for good hand hygiene at all times.

However, if teams feel happier not to shake hands (or to try an alternative method like fist bumping) then that is absolutely their choice and players, parents, coaches, clubs and  Leagues are encouraged to be understanding of teams making this choice. Should teams decide not to shake hands or opt for an alternative method this must be conveyed to the match referee before the teams enter the field of play.

Alternatively a League may chose to issue a policy to remove the procedural pre/post match handshake, but this would be solely at the discretion of the League.

The FA is actively monitoring and adopting Government advice, and as a matter of good practice would recommend that Leagues and Clubs adopt the same approach.

 This stance may change should new information and advice come to light, and we will update and reissue this Q&A should that become the case.

For further information on coronavirus, please click the link below to access the NHS's dedicated website.